The BOHO Spirit and Keys to get the BOHO Look

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What is the style which you most identify with? As you know we love the Boho look J so we would like to open this blog talking about the origin of this trend and proposing you our tips to get the Boho look!

Boho spirit
The Boho concept comes from the word Bohemian, which appears in the XIX century and referred to the way of life of certain artists and intellectuals, who also were interested in travelling to learn new cultures.

These bohemian people were seen as artists with a slovenly appearance, because they considered aesthetics superfluous and superficial. On the other hand, they were more interested in creativity and artistic creations.
Bohemian style is also associated with the Hippie style from the 60s, as in both styles colors and clothes meant to show the “free spirit.”


Currently , to have a bohemian spirit there is no need to be neither an artist nor a revolutionary , the followers of this trend have a style with personality, bold, casual, almost unconcerned about fashion, but they take care of their style meticulously  maintaining their femininity, romantic spirit, sophisticated and very trendy look.

The great ambassador of the Boho look is Sienna Miller, a benchmark in the bohemian aesthetic, though other celebrities as the multifaceted sisters Mary- Kate and Ashley Olsen and the well-known model Kate Moss are also Boho- Chic lovers.



Keys to get the Boho look

The main key for a Boho look is to mix up many different colors and textures, including some ethnic element. Add a relaxed but sophisticated air to your style with the following basic items:
– vaporous blouses and baggy shirts in light colors, printed or embroidered

– These blouses look great with a vest  made of leather, denim, crochet, with fringes or coins, colored, or simulating skin for winter

– In winter, get yourself a nice and large sweater to match with your jeans or shorts or a long skirt

– Maxi dresses and baggy long skirts, with pretty floral or ethnic prints



– Mini white dresses with laces, or flowered dresses

– Ripped Jeans and worn-effect denim shorts
– Combine them with boots and leather ankle boots, you can wear them all year!

kilim 1258-7

– Get yourself a leather belt, with coins, with ethnic print, or braided and wear it with your maxi skirt or long dress, or put it on the blouse
Complete your Boho look with a bag of distressed leather, of ethnic fabric, with fringes or with coins, or a leather bum bag

2206-2Banjara Bag N3

– Accessories are probably the most important item, since Boho is a synonym of an accessories show. Combine many bracelets, pendants in ethnic style, with shapes inspired by nature or manufactured using natural materials: feathers, wood, shells and stones.

Indie 2008-1
– Pashminas and scarves with ethnic prints are an ideal complement

– Just give the last touch to your Boho style with a hat, a turban, or a flower garland in the spring. Also because your lose hair looks great with them in an “indie” -messy style

– The ethnic print is a must!


So … do you love the BOHO style now? We absolutely do!

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